How to use Pool Stat on a match night

Pool Stat By Law

Pool Stat – General

  1. All venues/players interested in playing in Winter or Summer league must submit either a hard copy or online nomination form to the WAEBF.
  2. Nominated Pool Stat Marshalls are to then create the competition onto the Pool Stat website. For example First Division, Second Division South etc.
  3. During the Pool Stat Marshalls are responsible for checking the scores and grading points of each team in their nominated division. If there are no errors the Pool Stat Marshall is to then finalise the match.
  4. If the Pool Stat Marshall finds any issues that arise they are to follow the process of resolution via the WAEBF By-Laws with authority and then they must notify the WAEBF Board instantly.
  5. If there are issues that arise that the Pool Stat Marshall can’t refer to in the WAEBF By-Laws then the Pool Stat Marshall is to leave the match’s scores as they are and notify the WAEBF Board.
  6. If there has been a player(s) entered into the match that is shown to have a Temporary Point (T next to their name) the Pool Stat Marshall is to check the grading points of the Temporary Pointed player. This can be done by going to the www.poolwest.com website. Clicking Leagues – the league that is in question – the team that is in question – Single Stats – The individual in question – and the players grading points will show up as (Rank: ##).
  7. The WAEBF will not make any amendments made to any match after both captains have finalised the score even received by complaint.

Pool Stat – The Responsibility of the Captains

The responsibility of the captains in regards to operating Pool Stat on the night of match play is:

  1. To select the players and line up of the match
  2. Check the ongoing result on Pool Stat
  3. The Home Team Captain is responsible for inputting the win/loss result on Pool Stat
  4. Both Captains are to check the scores during the match and before finalising result
  5. Both captains are to finalise the score of the match.
  6. If one or both captains notice an error then the scores are not to be finalised and the disputing Captain(s) are to inform the WAEBF Board.